Freitag, 5. August 2011

Der Immobilienscout Scammer/Betrüger hat sich gemeldet....

Wie bereits geschrieben. ist mir die erhöhte Spammer/Scammer Aktivität bei Immobilienscout24 am 3. August aufgefallen und hatte trotzdem auf das Angebot mit "Blödsinn" geantwortet.

Heute ist dann eine Antwort von eingetrudelt:

Hello there,
 Sorry if my answer comes quite late, but your email arrived in my spam folder, and I couldn’t see it until now.
 I just read your message regarding my apartment, I will remember you some details about it:
 - Location:Ferdinand - Maria - Str. 20,80639 München
 - 153 m² : living room +5 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, Gäste-WC, ;
 - Price: €154.000 ;
 Also, here is a little something more about the apartment and myself, so we can get to know each other.
 My name is  Christoph Jablonka , currently living in Athens/Greece. I am a research engineer working for a pharmaceutical company and I have bought the apartment while working in Germany as an alternative to renting. I am the only owner of the apartment, it is paid in full and with no legal problems (it can be checked in the land registry). The apartment is not inhabited since I am no longer living in Germany.
 In present, because of the financial crisis(I belive that you noticed as well with what situation were dealing in Greece at the moment), I decided together with my WIFE (engineer too), to sell this apartment. The only problem is that my job doesn't allow me to leave Greece for even one day, we just got an important contract and I am afraid that I might lose my job if something goes wrong in my absence .
 But this is not your problem, I have made all the arrangements to sell the apartment from here on my expense, an international real estate agency from Greece will take care of business for me.
 Thank you for your interest and looking forward to a friendly collaboration .
 Christoph Jablonka
 Eptanisou 16, Athens 11361, Greece

Mal schauen wie es weitergeht.... :-) Auf die anderen Angebote bei Immoscout kamen die gleichen Antworten - nur von anderen Email Adressen und mit einem anderen Namen - ansonsten 100% identisch.

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  1. Auf die andere Anzeige von Immobilienscout kam die identische Email zurück, von einem "Joachim Trommler" unter der gleichen Adresse!